We have extensive experience in writing all types of reports:

  • Surveys on the condition of buildings / property consultancy trade

    It is essential to know the legal and constructive condition of a property or building when buying it. At Artecproma Studio, we offer our clients a detailed report in which the legality of existing constructions is checked, studied and analyzed, as well as their constructive condition, identifying the possible flaws the properties have and assessing their level of importance. We make property surveys in Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. Lots of clients have trusted us to purchase their properties in the Balearic Islands since more than 10 years ago. We also collaborate with important law firms, property agents and consultants on the islands. All these facts have driven us to create our specialized website, balearicpropertysurvey.com

  • Expert reports

    We are highly specialized in the writing of expert reports. Clarity, concision and objectivity in our reports are essential to defend them in court. We are proud of the fact that a great number of law firms trust us to defend their clients’ interests.

  • Legal reports

    We are affiliated with the list of legal experts and we write legal reports for the courts of all Majorca, therefore we have extensive experience in this field.