• Health and safety coordinations

    We coordinate your work’s safety with the aim of preventing and avoiding as much as possible accidents and illnesses during the execution of a work.

  • Safety and health studies

    We write studies on safety and health adapted to the characteristics of your building project.

  • Habitability and occupancy certificates (Cedulas de habitabilidad)

    We take care of the processes of getting and renewing our clients’ habitability and occupancy certificates. The occupancy certificate is the document which proves your house or premises fulfil the required hygiene conditions and have the appropriate systems so people can live in. It is an essential document to process supplies, get tourist licenses, etc.

  • Energy certificates

    We get the energy certificate of your house or building. This certificate rates your property in terms of energy, ranging from F to A, according to elements like roofs, facades and woodworks and the efficiency of its different systems. It is a compulsory certificate for selling and renting properties.

  • Building technical inspections “ITE / IEE”

    We make evaluation reports on buildings “IEE” (former ITE). IEE is a mandatory inspection for all buildings after 50 years of their construction have passed and it is renewed every 10 years. The aim of this report is to certify the safety of users and pedestrians who walk close to a given building.

  • Feasibility study

    It is important when carrying out a new project to know what can be constructed as well as the expenses entailed. At Artecproma Studio, we carry out extensive studies to avoid unexpected surprises.

  • Measurement

    In order to get a sound budget, it is essential to have a document which clearly specifies the needed lots and amounts to carry out a project. At Artecproma Studio, we make precise measurements with the aim of avoiding unexpected events and extra expenses during the process of building your property.

  • Drawing of blueprints

    We offer our clients the possibility of having the blueprint of their building, home, premises or plot considering useful and total spaces of each area or room.

  • Topography and site layout

    We offer our clients services related to topography like: boundary plans, georeferentiation, site layouts, etc.

  • Licenses for activities

    We work together with engineers specialized in writing projects for activities and dealing with the required public administrations to get their approval.